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  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
    Contact Information Contacting OSHA Regional Office Directory Laws & Regulations Regulations: 29 CFR Latest Federal Register Notices Public Docket Search for OSHA Rules under OMB Review Regulatory Agenda 1952 Subpart A & B List of Approved State Plans Information on State Plan Standards and Directives View Items Currently Open for Comment How to Submit a Comment Employer Responsibilities & Workers’ Rights Employer Responsibilities Workers’ Rights Booklet (English) Workers’ Rights Booklet (Spanish) Whistleblower Regulations Filing Whistleblower Complaints under Section 11(c) of the OSH Act of 1970 Employer Resources OSHA’s Cooperative Programs On-Site Consultation Help for Employers Protecting Temporary Workers Recordkeeping Forms Recordkeeping Requirements Report Fatalities & Severe Injuries Small Business Resources Spanish-Language Resources Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities (BLS) Hazard Communication Standard (2012 Update) Training & Education OSHA Training (courses, materials, resources) OSHA’s Safety and Health Topics Video Library Subject Index Publication Index Enforcement OSHA’s Enforcement Program Hazard Alerts-Letters to Employers High Penalty Enforcement Cases (above $40,0000) by State Inspections Letters of Interpretation Local Emphasis Programs National & Special Emphasis Programs Severe Violator Enforcement Program _________________________
  • Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA)
    Contact Information Contact MSHA MSHA Program Area Directory State Mining Agency Laws & Regulations Regulation: Title 30 Mine Responsibilities & Miners’ Rights New Mine/Miner Info Miners’ Rights and Responsibilities Miners’ Representative Guide Mine Emergency Operations Mine Emergency Operations Publications Critical Item Checklist for Mine Emergencies Underground Communication & Tracking System Training Technical Resources Short Circuit Calculation Program MSHA Hearing Protector Factor List Digital Mine Maps Communications and Tracking for Underground Mines Safety Targets Program Geophysical Void Detection Dam Safety Proximity Detection / Collision Warning Information Technical Reports Grouped by Category Training & Education Training Programs & Courses Safety & Health Materials Developing a Training Plan Mine Rescue Training Frequently Asked Questions Quarterly Training Calls Enforcement & Compliance Compliance Assistance Mine Inspection Penalty Assessments & Payments Contesting Citations _____________________
  • National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
    Contact Information Contact NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topics Hazards & Exposures Chemicals Emergency Preparedness & Response Industries & Occupations Diseases & Injuries Safety & Prevention NIOSH Resources Subject Index (CDC/NIOSH) Data & Statistics Publications & Products Training Resources Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Manual of Analytical Methods Health Hazard Evaluations (HHEs) NIOSH (en Español) ____________________
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Workplace Injuries - Nationwide Workplace Injuries - State/Territory/Possession ______________________________________________
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