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Current EHST news, OSHA actions, EPA violations, and DOT regulatory updates that might impact your industry.

Mining industry worker fatalities decline

July 19, 2024

MSHA head: Mining industry in much better shape as worker fatalities decline.

DOL completion of Mines screening

July 19, 2024

Department of Labor announces completion of 12-month safety, health screening of nation’s mines for Pattern of Violations to protect miners.

EPA Settlement with Fuel Refiner

July 18, 2024

EPA Reaches Settlement with Fuel Refiner and Distributor Over Violations of the Clean Air Act’s Fuel Requirements.

NYC construction advisory on foam snow

July 18, 2024

NYC issues construction advisory on foam snow

OSHA Fines Illinois Contractor

July 18, 2024

OSHA Fines Illinois Contractor for Repeated Fall Protection Violations.

EPA fines construction firm for violations

July 17, 2024

EPA fines construction firm for alleged violations of federal lead-based paint rule.

DOT agenda delays on speed limiters

July 17, 2024

Latest DOT regulatory agenda shows delays on speed limiters.

DOL landmark federal court injunction

July 16, 2024

Department of Labor obtains landmark federal court injunction protecting employees who report workplace injuries from employer retaliation.

OSHA Cites Texas Steel Company

July 16, 2024

OSHA Cites Texas Steel Company for Ongoing Safety Hazards.

EPA Settlement Amount of $173K

July 15, 2024

EPA Announces a Settlement Amount of $173,000 with the Louisiana Organization International-Matex Terminals LLC.

DOL finds willful serious safety violations

July 15, 2024

Department of Labor finds one of the largest makers of reclaimed rubber flooring exposed Austin-area employees to willful, serious safety violations.

New data bulletin construction fatalities

July 15, 2024

Nearly 1,100 construction workers died in 2022, according to a recent data bulletin published by CPWR.

Illinois Contractor Still Exposing workers

July 12, 2024

Illinois contractor continues pattern of exposing construction workers to deadly fall hazards, employees observed in danger four times since January.

OMG Partners Penalized $140K

July 12, 2024

OMG Partners of Turlock, Calif. Penalized $140,000 for Fuel Spill that Reached San Francisco Bay.

EPA updates prioritize worker safety

July 12, 2024

Updates to Environmental Protection Agency reviews of new chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act will strengthen worker protections.

DOL cites severe safety violator again

July 11, 2024

Department of Labor cites severe safety violator again after inspection finds workers at Vinton steel plant exposed to serious workplace hazards.

EPA and Justice Dept $241.5M Settlement

July 11, 2024

EPA and Justice Department Announce $241.5M Settlement with Marathon Oil to Reduce Climate- and Health-Harming Emissions in North Dakota.

DOL settlement with Dollar General

July 11, 2024

Department of Labor announces settlement with Dollar General requiring corporate-wide safety investments in stores nationwide.

DOL cites Connecticut contractor

July 11, 2024

Department of Labor cites Connecticut contractor for workplace safety violations found in fatal New Canaan trench cave-in investigation.

Contractor repeated employee danger

July 10, 2024

Investigations find contractor repeatedly put employees in unguarded trenches that collapsed, trapped, injured workers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island.

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